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Auctionmaxx - get more money for your liquidation goods!

As an online-focused auction company - Auctionmaxx is the answer for most liquidation needs. This is accomplished by the unique ability of having our items available to all of Canada and the USA to bid on, AND having the convenience of FREE PICKUP from our Toronto, ON warehouse if desired.

The Auctionmaxx Advantage

Our auctions are marketed and available to all of Canada and the USA allowing for greater competition for your goods (resulting in a higher return). Our online auction allows for the convenience of bidding at one's leisure eliminating the time and location barriers that are obstacles for a live on-site auction.

Our warehouse is located at a central point (Toronto, ON) - with millions of residents within close proximity, making our auctions convenient and cost-effective for buyers who want to pick up their goods. This eliminates the shipping expense for these buyers - effectively increasing what they are willing to pay for the item.

Your items for sale will be anchored by Auctionmaxx's own no-reserve auctions from our ongoing unclaimed freight contracts. This creates cross-promotion opportunities that enable buyers and sellers overall greater value through increased traffic and selection of items for sale. This ultimately creates a 'WIN-WIN' relationship - Our auctions help your auctions, and your auctions will help ours.

We are committed marketers who are constantly promoting the items for sale through numerous advertising channels to ensure fair market value is obtained for all auctions.

Consignment Fees

Auctionmaxx is always interested in selling your items on through our auction.

Our fees are as follows:
15 or more unique listings (not reduced "list similar" items) > $17 per listing plus a 10% administrative fee (minimum total charge per listing $22).
Less than 15 unique listings (not reduced "list similar" items) > $22 per listing plus a 10% administrative fee (minimum total charge per listing $27).
If you are consigning less than 10 unique listings, we collect a prepaid $150 non-refundable charge which is applied against the consignment fees. If the fees generated from the sale of your consigned goods do not reach $150, we will take the balance from this prepaid $150. The difference (if any) will be refunded to you at time of payment.

Reduced "list similar" fees - lower charges are assessed on selling the exact same item multiple times in the same auction. The charge is $6 per listing plus a 10% admin fee per additional item(s). This rate applies provided we do not have to take additional photos.

We offer a discount rate of $12 and 10% for “relists”, where you are bringing in an exact same item that you have brought in previously. This rate is for when we do not have to change the description or add any different photos.

Extra charges:
Items/lots than longer than 3 feet/heavier than 50lbs are subject to an oversize charge of $10 per listing.
Due to the increased labour associated with TV listings, TV listings are $50 per unit plus a 10% admin fee.

Auctionmaxx will not accept consignment goods on Saturdays unless previously approved. Consignment drop-off days are Thursday and Friday only. Product must arrive before 5:30pm. We do not receive consignment drop-offs between 1:15 and 2:15pm. Product must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to close.

Fees are based on FOB our dock. If additional expenses are incurred (eg. freight charges to warehouse) - they will be billed at cost.

Please note that consignment items are subject to Auctionmaxx approval. We reserve the right to refuse any consignment offerings. Consignment pay-outs are done 14 days after the auction and via Direct Deposit or e-transfer only.

For more information regarding consignment, please contact [email protected]. Please note - a completed contract is required for all consignment accounts prior to dropping off.

Sale Completion and Payment Timelines

After the auction ends, we allow the buyer 3 days to pay for their items(unless other terms and conditions are disclosed). Payment for consigned items will be available electronically 14 days after the sale. This is to account for the one week warranty that is given to customers.

At Auctionmaxx - We DO NOT allow consignors to protect/bid on or buy back their products to protect their investment. All auctions start at $1 with no reserve being sold to the highest bidder. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Surplus Inventory Purchases

Auctionmaxx is always interested in any opportunities to sell goods as a "MAXX DEAL".

If you think you have items that we could use, please contact us at [email protected] with the required necessary information below:

  • What it is - brand and name
  • Model number
  • UPC code
  • Condition
  • Quantity available
  • Asking price
  • Pictures if available
  • Other useful details

When we have this info we will analyze your offer and get back to you shortly - usually within a day or two. PLEASE NOTE - We will not reply to any purchase opportunities that do not include the above required information.

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